SAT-ACT Class To Help Your Children Think About The Future

By General Education Advice

pretty-young-student-girl-drawing-future-planning-over-white-background-43838291“You got her to think about the future.” Mr. Rutledge said in relation to his daughter Tonya, a junior at Coginchaug Regional High School in Durham, Connecticut. “Normally, the longest she thinks into the future is what will she text next.”

Tonya had come to SAT class with that vacant look of “why am I in a classroom in Madison on a Sunday afternoon, when I could be hanging out with my friends?” Her phone use was no different than other students who seem to find the two-dimensional commentary of texting more interesting than the three-dimensional live person in front of them.

During my opening lecture in SAT class, I discuss the future in ways that most students either haven’t heard or haven’t paid attention to before. I don’t recall noticing that Tonya had paid more attention during this part of class. But, apparently she did. When she came home, she asked her father if they could discuss college. Mr. Rutledge relayed that he was so astonished that he did a double take to make sure it was his daughter.