SAT-ACT Prep: We Teach Content 98% of the Time

By SAT ACT Test Prep

icon175x175“Jake said he finally is learning math concepts due to your SAT class.”  A parent of a student from Guilford High School said to me a few years ago.

Perhaps the biggest misconceptions propagated by those who do not understand the SAT (or ACT) is that the test can be beaten by “strategy.”

Certainly there are strategies related to guessing and proper time investment but the majority of top scorers know how to answer math, reading, and grammar questions correctly.  This means that in our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar or through our individual tutoring our teachers teach content.

There is no “guessing strategy” that will help a student understand how math functions work or when to use subject v. object pronouns or how best to derive the meaning of a reading passage.  Students need to learn math, grammar, and reading fundamentals in order to perform well on each section.

Quite often  students – like Jake – will say things like “now I finally understand how to do percentage problems!”  As another parent of a Guilford High School student commented, “this is enrichment as much as it is SAT training.” I couldn’t agree more.