SAT Prep: The best way to attack test-taking anxiety

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Anxiety has become epidemic.  Even pre-Covid, the number of students (and parents) with diagnosed anxiety had sky-rocketed.

The pandemic did not create but merely exacerbated the anxiety trend.

Having worked with Connecticut high school students for the past 2o years, I have noticed a significant uptick in the number of students with anxiety related to taking the SATs and other standardized tests.  Here’s the surprise: a large chunk of the anxiety has not stemmed from overbearing but from avoidance.

Both students and increasingly parents have avoided the subject.  But all Connecticut public school students must take the SAT.  It’s inevitable.  Regardless of admissions and merit-aid opportunities coming from good SAT scores, kids talk about their scores.  This creates anxiety.  Avoiding the issue hurts.

PSAT results are coming back now.  Talk to your kids about the results. Be positive and offer them help.  We, of course, can help!