For state schools and larger schools, the SAT is incredibly important

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Due to my work, I know college admissions officials.  And, due to my relationships with them, I cannot quote any!

But I can report the following: those who have sat in on admissions discussions in our Connecticut state system – at a variety of schools in our state system, not just UCONN – that SATs matter enormously.

Here’s what will shock many parents: activities are not particularly important.  Grades are first but not by as much one would think and test scores are second.  Nothing else – for normal applicants without a VIP, special talent, or underrepresented minority hook – matters in a profound way.

Why does this matter? The college investment is an enormous one financially, emotionally, and energetically.  Many teens are not taking their test scores seriously enough and many parents – not wanting to cause a challenge – are not enforcing the need to improve their scores.

For most teens, taking a class or getting tutored will merely replace YouTube videos or hours of texting.  For others, it may be that travel sports are gobbling up too much time.  Regardless, the time is now for Connecticut high school juniors to get serious about SAT prep.