The ACT Science Section: More like reading, than math

By SAT ACT Test Prep

“The ACT Science section is more like reading than math.” Hannah, a senior at Old Lyme High School, said with delight. She had been dreading the thought of the science section because she was a verbal whiz who did not like math and science. Her dislike of science, however, stemmed from her poor grades in chemistry and physics, two math based sciences. She had done fine in biology which is more a verbal type science.

The ACT science section is the most unique section in the SAT-ACT continuum. While the new SAT has a science reading within the reading section, it still does not approximate the 7 science passages that comprise the ACT science section.   For that reason, the ACT science section causes the most anxiety for those transitioning from the SAT to the ACT.

Fortunately, our ACT training methodology combines a simple three step process plus our reading best practices to provide an easy to understand way to attack the ACT science section. It is, as Hannah correctly pointed out, more like reading than math and that is good news for many of verbally strong ACT students.