The Reality of College Admissions and The Reality of the SAT

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Generation Z – if that’s what this generation is called – has been coddled more than any other or so we are told.  True or not true (and I think it is more true than not!), I do have an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence regarding well-meaning parents who are distorting reality for their children.

Recently, a student from a top notch Connecticut shoreline high school noted that she was interested in Yale.  Her Dad told her she could get in anywhere.  I’m sure he meant to inspire her but she had done little to prepare herself to gain admission to an elite college.  In particular, her sophomore year PSAT scores were sub 500.  Her Dad told her that was “ok”, which, of course, it is from the context of doing fine compared to students across the country but unless she radically increases her SATs, there is no way that she’ll gain admission to Yale or schools of that ilk.

I always note that there are exceptions… but for most competitive colleges, SAT/ACT and in some cases SAT II scores matter A LOT.  I’ve commented elsewhere on the false narrative that scores do not matter that much.  It is true that many lesser colleges have eliminated test scores.  The reason is that these mostly lower ranked colleges are in financial peril and need both as many applicants and as many students as possible. For stronger schools – even the ones that claim test scores are optional – the tests matter.

Don’t shoot the messenger.  It is what it is.