Tips for writing your best college essay: Be yourself!

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Tip #3

Be authentic!

This might sound cliched, but it’s useful advice for students writing their college essays.

It’s much easier to write about yourself when you’re not trying to be someone else.

I’ve been especially reminded of this wisdom over the past few months as I work with twins from Essex, CT on their college essays.   Even more than others, twins tend to compare themselves to each other and even wish they were like each other in certain ways.  Many students are tempted to write about someone they think their schools are looking for.

What they forget is that, just as colleges are looking for the “right” applicants, they’re trying to find the schools best suited to their academic and social needs.

This is what makes authenticity so important in a college essay.

Students want colleges to know who they are “for real.”  An authentic essay can actually make it easier for their “best” fit schools to find them!

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