Train your “bad test-taking child” this summer.

By SAT ACT Test Prep

Parents, in an effort to bolster their student-child after a poor standardized test performance, are usually the first persons to say: “don’t feel bad, you are just not good at tests.” Many often add – a well meaning but completely unrealistic comment – “don’t worry, it doesn’t matter that much.”

The latter part is not even worth commenting upon because it is a delusional statement.  Unrelated to the SATs-ACTs, high stakes tests – such as finals – become a bigger part of one’s academic career in the latter stages of high school and the most important part – by a significant degree – in college and beyond.  Tests do matter a lot. Wishing that wasn’t the case won’t help your child.

As for being a “bad test taker”, I immediately tell the student-child, “you are untrained test-taker”.  After I train you, you will be a better test taker.  Having trained several thousand Connecticut students in the SAT-ACT, I say with certainty that this is true for most every student who goes through one of our test prep programs.

The strange thing is that parents often understand that other disciplines require training to become “good”.  Most every one of those young soccer players, ballerinas, tennis players was once “bad”.  Those that are now “good” received proper training, were taught how to practice correctly, and then practiced/played a great deal.

It turns out the same is true for the SATs.