Yes, the SAT is the fairest part of College Admissions

By General Education Advice

The SAT is the fairest part of the college admissions process. 

For years, I have kept relatively quiet whenever I hear people complain about the SAT’s fairness.  Yes.. I know that any defense that a tutoring company makes is self-serving.  The position, however, is also entirely accurate.

Do those complaining about the fairness understand why the SAT was created?  In the old days, only white Christians from wealthy family were admitted to elite colleges. The SAT was designed to make it FAIR for those who were minorities.  At the time, Jewish students were being denied access to the Ivy-league and other top schools.  So, fair minded people thought – why don’t we give everyone a test?

This makes sense.  Subjective criteria – please try to compare a top trumpet player to a top soccer player – are obviously “unfair” based on who makes the judgment.  Similarly, recommendations/essays and so forth have factors that also are not objective.

The most “objective” criteria – other than the SAT – are grades.  With grade inflation and the wide variance in school quality, grades, too, are far from objective.

Connecticut students should rejoice that there is a national test that enables them to show their abilities versus students from states that generally have weaker educational systems.

The SAT is fair and a big plus for Connecticut students.