2016: Resolution 1 for Connecticut Parents

By General Education Advice

16546695EResolution 1. I will not overdo activities at the expense of either important relationships or academics.

“Lauren is heading to Pennsylvania that weekend for a softball tournament.” Mrs. Angeli said about her junior daughter at Guilford High School.  So, she won’t be able to take the SATs.  She’s also missing her grandmother’s 75th birthday. But these coaches get mad if you don’t do what they say.”  Lauren was a student from 5 years ago. She ended up not getting recruited to play softball. Her SATs were far lower than could have been because she only took the test once as a junior. Her grades also suffered due to her endless travel team commitments.  She also noted not she was not able to keep up with high school friends because she was with her team so much. Moreover, the entire family was split on a dozen or so weekends each year since one parent would typically accompany Lauren on her trips.

We are facing an epidemic of activity madness – usually sports oriented but dance (see Dance Moms!) and other activities are equally to blame.  Parents step up.  Don’t let 2016 become dictated by a coach’s demands.