Get Your Tests Done As Early As Possible

By SAT ACT Test Prep


Every year our Winter SAT class (this year SAT and ACT) held in Old Saybrook, CT and Madison, CT leads students to a wonderful result: they get their test scores in order early during the college process. The strategic plan is as follows: prepare vigorously for the March SAT (and either the February or April ACT) with our course.  The first test scores will be close to optimal.  Study again through individual prep and self-study for the second round in May (SAT) and June (ACT).  By preparing intensely for these two tests, most students will have maximized their test scores by the end of junior year.  Senior year can then be used, as necessary, to try to work on a challenge area or for those who are taking SAT IIs (subject tests).  Those that follow this plan are invariably happy as they head into the summer.