Connecticut Parents Resolution Number 2: Be Grateful

By General Education Advice

As Connecticut schools reopen tomorrow, many parents will grumble. The daily school grind has returned.  Getting children off to school on time, monitoring their homework, and taking them to endless activities can be energy draining if you view it as such.  Lecturing myself as much as I suggest to my fellow parent brethren, catch yourself when grumbling. Replace the grumbling with gratitude.

I am currently watching The Man in the Glass Castle, a Netflix mini-series that depicts a post World War II future if the Axis powers had won.  It made me look at the map and, again, realize how fortunate we are to live in a country that provides freedom and outstanding educational opportunities. If that thought is too high minded, then merely look around our posh Connecticut suburbs and realize that our standard of living helps create outstanding public schools.  We are fortunate that we can send our kids off to school, monitor their homework, and even take them to their activities.

As for parents of Connecticut juniors, you will further grumble about the college process.  SATs/ACTs, AP tests, college visits, college applications, and college stress will become part of your world in 2016.  Again, take a step back and catch yourself. Look at a world map. 6% of the world’s population gets a college education.  I would guess about 1% get the type of 4 year living away from home college experience that your child will have. Most college students in other countries live at home or in some other construct that is far different than the 4 year adult summer camp-like experience that US colleges provide.

We are very fortunate.