Connecticut Juniors: The First SAT Is In March

By General Education Advice, SAT ACT Test Prep

sat_achievemoreNovember wasn’t that far in the past.  March isn’t that far in the future. As Connecticut juniors return to school today, they might not realize that the SAT is just around the corner.

Due to new state law, all Connecticut public school students must take the SAT.  By way of simple back story, federal mandate now requires an exit exam.  Connecticut students will take the SAT instead of some other artificially created exit exam.  So this is great news for over-tested students.

Given that the 1st SAT test will be offered in March, it will make sense to maximize the opportunity to score high enough to both pass the exit exam (should be easy enough) and gain admission to colleges of interest (that’s the big unknown). For most, this means starting as soon as possible.