Connecticut SAT Scores By High School

By General Education Advice, SAT ACT Test Prep

Screenshot+2014-10-12+11.13.35“I didn’t do well on the SATs.”  I hear this statement quite a bit.  But I have learned to filter according to the student’s high school.  For example, when a student from East Lyme High School makes this statement as one recently did, I’m pretty sure the student probably did well compared to the rest of the Connecticut.  One such student had a 2190; 640 reading, 750 math, 800 writing.  I laughed when he told he was disappointed in his scores.  But he was serious. The 640 reading score was dismal in his view and he was genuinely disappointed that he “only had a 750 math”.

Our students from Montville, CT,  just a town or two over from East Lyme, have a more realistic view of SAT test success. They still do well compared to students outside of Connecticut and more inland away from the incredibly strong high schools of Shoreline, Connecticut.

I note because some students are unduly stressed out by their SAT scores.  I often point to a world map when I want to show students how incredibly fortunate they are compared to most teens on Earth.  I point to a US map when I want to illustrate how fortunate students are to grow up in Connecticut (at least if the cities are removed, arguably the best educated state in the country) and particularly fortunate to grow up in places like Branford, Guilford, Madison, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, and East Lyme where the students routinely out perform even their smart Connecticut brethren from other schools.

We are very lucky – keep that in mind, even if your neighbor has a perfect SAT score!