2021: Education During Covid

By General Education Advice

Beyond those who lost loved ones and those who have been economically devastated, who has been most affected by Covid?

Those in school.

While The Learning Consultants works with all age groups, my specific educational work is usually with older teens.  I meet them in my SAT classes, or for test prep tutoring or college counseling.   I see the results of how they were educated prior to that time.

During test prep, I quickly can notice those that are lacking in the fundamentals.  Math fundamentals are taught in the 6th-9th grade time frame. If ratios/percentages/fractions/probability/basic geometry et al, are not mastered, then SAT math will not go well.  Moreover, while I realize many students will not head into majors or careers that require higher level math, we are in an increasingly algrhtyfm driven society.  Having a grounding in mathematical thinking will be vital.

Writing abilities are also separating the well-educated from others.  In a work world where e-mail is the dominant way of communicating, those that have flawed grammar or other issues with writing fundamentals will suffer.

In both areas, we can help.