Covid’s Impact on Student Motivation

By Student Mastery

Years ago, when I started The Learning Consultants, I was hired by parents who would lead conversations with the immediate problem: “Jared has a C in math.”  As we started talking, the parents would then note that the problem was larger than math: “I think he needs to develop study skills.”  From there, we would talk a minute longer when they would add: “He just isn’t that motivated.”

My clients at the time were located primarily in Connecticut’s Shoreline towns, ranging from Guilford-Madison-Old Saybrook-Essex Old Lyme to East Lyme, essentially the type of parents who were bewildered by their student’s lack of motivation.  This spawned the Student Mastery program which has now led to thousands of students who have been coached to higher school success in areas well beyond Shoreline, CT, into Fairfield County, and Westchester County, New York.  If anything, parents from those areas were ever more perplexed by the motivation issue

After I wrote Motivate Your Son, I was contacted by parents outside of Connecticut and New York who reported that the same motivational challenges that afflicted children in our area were equally affecting children in New Jersey, Washington, DC, Arizona, California etc.

Covid has not created a motivational problem but it has accelerated the challenge.

Our expertise in motivating students has never been put to the test more than it was during the pandemic.

As 2021 has arrived and Covid is still here, we can help ensure your children stay motivated.