Better Work Character: That’s the goal for Connecticut students in 2016

By Student Mastery
Teenage boy using laptop and doing homework
Teenage boy using laptop and doing homework

“What’s the most important thing I should teach my children next year?” an audience member asked during a recent presentation I gave in our Madison, CT office.

“Work character.” was my two word mysterious answer. I elaborated. 15 years of working with all types of high school students in Connecticut has provided me a distinct sense of who will succeed.  Those with work character might be more commonly known as “good workers” have pretty much all ended up as successes. The characteristics of work character:

  • Self-motivation: This is so important that it was the basis of my first book, Motivate Your Son
  • Self-discipline: The willingness to do what’s necessary even and especially when there is something more fun to do
  • Responsibility: Good workers get all of their work done.  They don’t miss homework assignments (ever); they study for tests (all); and they show up when and where they should
  • Willingness to work: Those with work character don’t grumble when assigned work. While in high school, they might joyfully embrace work, they also don’t run away from it
  • Positive attitude: Their teachers view them as “active-positives” in class

And, so forth.  “Good character” is broad and encompasses too many specific areas to enumerate.  You know it when you see it.  Make sure to see it in your kids in 2016.