Combating Anxiety for Connecticut’s College Bound Students

By College Advice

Among our college counseling clientele,  I have observed an uptick in anxiety.

There is significant evidence pointing to overuse/misuse of technology (texting/SnapChat/Instagram) as the main reason for the increase in anxious teenagers.

There is significant evidence pointing to the restructuring unpredictable economy as the main reason in the increase of anxious adults.  The Great Recession of 2007-2008 had both actual economic effects and lasting psychological ones.  Moreover, the economy has actually changed.

In my last book, Career Path of AbundanceI describe in greater detail how the economy has changed and how that will effect those entering the work force.  The Great Recession, while not necessarily coincidental, with these changes, was unrelated to the radically changing nature of the global economy.  Americans now have greater opportunity from world wide markets but also greater worry for world wide competition, particularly in the labor market.  Our well-fed, silver spoon, suburban Connecticut children are now competing against hungry, up from their bootstraps, urbanites in Asia and elsewhere.

Understandably, these forces have created anxiety for Connecticut parents as they think about how to best prepare their children for much more competitive world than they faced.

I am an optimist by nature.  I really do believe the new world of work will present many wonderful opportunities for those who are prepared.  Nonetheless, I understand that parents will face anxiety as their children head off to college.

The solution: take action.  Take massive action to help ensure your children are ready.

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