Coronavirus School: Helping Parents Is The Service We Can Provide

By General Education Advice

Our leadership team has suffered over the appearance of advertising during the Coronavirus. But then the educational news began to point out what we already knew: many students are being short-changed and many parents – worried enough about self-preservation – are starting to worry about their children’s future.

How are children losing out?

Through the years of working with thousands of students, I almost always can spot what I call “educational gaps.” I notice – particularly in training students for the SAT – areas that were not taught effectively in the student’s past educational history.

These gaps are most apparent in math when it becomes abundantly clear that some students did not master the fundamentals.  But the main 3 Rs – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic – require educators to train students.

Distance learning, in the current way it is being offered, does not do this well or, in some cases, at all.  The give and take between the educator and the student – the coaching – is where real learning occurs.

For those who wonder how valuable training is, I suggest trying to learn piano on your own. There are YouTube videos and other resources that provide the necessary technical instruction.  Most will either quit or progress so slowly that they realize they need a teacher.

The same is happening with distance learning.

How can we help?

As always, we provide outstanding educators who will work with your child – virtually for the time being – to ensure that they will not be short-changed.

We are all facing a crisis.  Your children’s education does not need to be another one.