How will students learn during the Coronavirus?

By General Education Advice

They won’t.  That’s the sad truth for many.

Sure, they will do what’s necessary to get passing grades.

But so far, distance learning is proving to be an educational disaster.

The Washington Post, ForbesThe New York Times among others have provided initial commentary about the problems. Articles in each concluded that there will be a great divide among students whose parents provide supplemental education and/or ensure that their children are really maximizing their educational opportunities and…. everyone else.

From our observations:

Most are “gaming the system”, figuratively in relation to figuring out how to crank out busywork assignments and literally, at least for boys, who are playing 6-8 hours of video games per day.

Most are learning for roughly 1.5-2 hours per day.  School, for all its warts, provides at least several hours of real learning.  Homework/studying adds another couple hours.  At best, our children are learning around half as much as they normally would.  This is a problem.

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