Online Writing Tutoring–Smart Use of Time during Lockdown

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

Schools in CT may be closed indefinitely, but teaching and learning continues, thanks to teacher dedication and innovative technology.

It didn’t take long, though, to realize the challenges with remote learning, like time management.

Writing instruction presents another main challenge for teachers–essentially ensuring that writing assignments lead to genuine learning and don’t devolve into busy work.

Because writing is so vital a skill for college and career success, students can’t really afford to stagnate with their writing skills for the next few months.   Especially juniors and seniors in high school preparing for the next phase in their education.

Yet, online courses make less time for writing instruction in general.

We can help!

Using digital platforms like Google Docs and Zoom, we’re providing online tutoring to our writing students that is both meaningful and productive.  Parents have taken advantage of their children’s “free” time to focus on building writing skills.


To learn more about our online tutoring options, contact us today.