Educating Your Children During The Lockdown: The Only Way To Prevent Distraction

By General Education Advice

Have you ever taken an online course?

Harvard and M.I.T., among other university giants, released Massive Open Online Courses, known as MOOCs, for free to great fanfare a few years ago.  Theoretical educators were deliriously excited by the possibilities. They trumpeted the now level playing field.

Anyone could self-educate themselves for free in a similar fashion to those who attended top universities.  The completion rate for those who signed up: 5-15%.  Keep in mind that those who signed up were mostly motivated adults from the thin slice of highly educated types who were even aware that MOOCs existed, would take the time to sign up, and, presumably, chose only courses that interested them.  That number would be far lower if the average adult, let alone the average high school student, was compelled to engage in distance learning.

What happened? Those theoretical educators who work with few real students have a minimal understanding of human nature.  Most people, when given the opportunity to be diverted from something productive by something more fun, will choose the more fun option – unless they are fully engaged by the productive option.

Static education such as a student with a screen enables the opportunity to be diverted.

Dynamic interaction such as a student with a tutor, even if virtual, prevents the opportunity.

Your children will need real interaction to get a real education.

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