Digital SAT Time

By General Education Advice

What did you do all weekend?

I spent much of the last 4 days doing every College Board Digital SAT.  Or I should I say that I spent the time reviewing the more challenging parts of the test as I had already did a once through on the officially released tests.

Good news: the test is far easier than the current test.

More good news: given national grade inflation which hurts students in states with great education systems like Connecticut, the Digital SAT will be a great way for your child to display a comparative strength.

This matters for multiple reasons.

Yes, admission at elite colleges has become ridiculously challenging.  But admission might not be the main reason why doing well on the Digital SAT will help your child.  Follow the money.  For students in Shoreline, CT, financial aid is very limited. Most families here earn far more than those in other geographic areas.

The Digital SAT will potentially enable your child to earn thousands in college scholarships.

As many parents have said, “test prep class proved to be the best summer job my kid ever had.”

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