Employers favor applicants with strong writing skills

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82% of employers want candidates with written communication skills

Good writing increases profitability; bad writing hurts a company’s bottom line.  Businesses now spend a billion a year on remedial writing training for their employees (Kaleigh Moore . Inc.).

So more and more employers are looking to hire people who already know how to write well.   In the business world, this means being able to communicate ideas in writing with precision and clarity.

82% of employers surveyed in 2019 (NACE Job Outlook) identified “written communication”  as a priority skill.  It outranked all other attributes (19 in all), icluding “problem-solving” (which came in at 80.9%), and “ability to work as a team” (at 70.7%).

Writing ability opens more doors, academically and professionally.

So people who write well have an advantage over those who don’t when applying for college or for a job.   
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