College Counseling For Connecticut Students: We are in interesting times… guidance is needed more than ever

By College Counseling

“I figure I’ll just go to college and figure it out.”  Riley, a student from Daniel Hand High School in Madison, CT, said many moons ago during one of my first college counseling sessions.  This meeting was before the Great Recession.  His comment did not strike me as unusual.  That’s what many did prior to the economic restructuring of the last decade (or two).  College was a place for growing up and part of growing up was figuring out what you wanted to do for a career.  Even better… I suppose… many college grads were able to get decent full time jobs even if they just drifted through college without much direction.  The need for internships, a major linked to a career, and decisions about the future were often put off until senior year.

Now… I feel sorry for the college grads I work with in our career counseling company..  They feel behind.  They feel like everyone knows what to do for their career (Instagram nonsense!).  They feel like they’ll never figure it out.  All untrue.  But those of a certain age can dismiss these thoughts easier than twentysomethings.

The college decision should include career discussions.  We can help.