Life goes on for students

By General Education Advice

We all need time to process the surreal impact of the Coronavirus.   After we grapple with reconfiguring our daily lives, we will then be faced with the notion that “life goes on.”  Parents will need to earn money and children will need to learn.

We suffer over even the appearance of profiting from a crisis, but we have been inundated with inquiries from parents who are beyond thankful that we are continuing tutoring – virtually, of course, and that we can help them navigate college counseling issues during this tricky period.  

Most children will rejoice at having no school for the first period of time – and some will rejoice for as long as school is out! – but, soon enough, some/many will feel adrift.  There is something about being unproductive that affects most everyone, including those seemingly uninterested teens.

More to the point, college admissions will presumably be on a normal cycle in the fall.  SATs (ACTs/SAT IIs, APs etc.) will be rescheduled.  And, as we have addressed elsewhere, students will – at some point – be expected to have mastered the material that they normally would be learning in school over the next two months.

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