Continuing learning during coronavirus closures.

By General Education Advice, Writing Training

Over the next two weeks–and possibly longer–CT students will have a lot of time on their hands. They’ll need and want purposeful activities to fill the hours previously jammed with homework, sports, after-school activities, and socializing.

But, these weeks out of school don’t have to be an educational wasteland. Learning can continue even though schools are closed.

Students can use this time to read ahead for English or History–or reread texts they found particularly challenging the first time through.

Students could also use some of this time to focus on improving essential skills–such as writing and vocabulary–to make their academic lives easier when schools resumes.

Anyone with papers to write or revise could enlist the help of a writing tutor for feedback–whether online or in person. Even students who don’t have papers due would do well to dedicate a chunk of time to furthering their writing skills, given their importance to academic and professional success. Now would be an excellent time to focus on essential writing skills and strategies for long-term academic benefits.

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