SAT or ACT? Probably both.

By General Education Advice
ACT Prep Connecticut
Many Connecticut students should take both the SAT and ACT

Of all the misinformation and partial truths that I hear passed around the soccer mom parent set about standardized tests, the myth that some students will do extraordinarily well on the ACT but terribly on the SAT is likely the biggest.  At least in Connecticut, there is no one who has more experience or expertise in test prep training so I hope I can at least allay the concerns of some parents who are suffering over this question.

In twenty years of training students in both the SAT and the ACT, I can say with near certainty that most students – with equal training in both – will perform similarly on both testss.

The SAT and the ACT have always been rigorous standardized tests that measure reading comprehension, mathematical ability, and grammar skills. The ACT also has a science section.   There are subtle differences and it is true that some students will perform better on one test to the other. But the vast majority of students who prepare similarly for each test perform similarly on each test.

SAT or ACT.  Probably both.  Two weapons to help your child gain admission to college.