SAT Success

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The Learning Consultants: Masters of SAT Prep

Every year, a new batch of students comes to our offices in Old Saybrook and Madison.  Most are not confident that they will get better.  They are with us because their parents “signed them up for an SAT course”.

Few are certain that they will get better.  Every year – or really every season – students, step by step, follow our process and get better.

Just contact us- that’s the first step!A Shoreline, CT guidance counselor recently told a student – “call The Learning Consultants, follow their process, and you’ll do great”. I was happy to hear this “off the record” conversation because guidance counselors have to generally keep their opinions about educational consultants to themselves (nonetheless, ask any what they think of us :)!)  Her guidance is this case was kind and accurate. The process of getting good at anything is mysterious and overwhelming to the beginner.  If you are not a musician, I’m sure looking at an elite pianist play is bewildering. “How does she simultaneously use both hands to strike different notes? I’ll never be able to do that,” thinks the beginner. So it is with SATs

Those who start with us often claim to not be good test takers.  Much like anything, with top instruction and hard work, success will occur.  Sign up now.