Solving your children’s high stakes education questions

By General Education Advice

“Thank you.  We were stuck in analysis paralysis.” Lydia, a mom from Guilford, Connecticut noted after we sorted out which college of the three finalists it made the most sense for her daughter to attend.  In the same week, Emily, whose child was debating between attending Guilford High School and The Hopkins School for high school – said something similar.  She noted that she was friends with another Guilford family and they recommended working with The Learning Consultants because we helped her son navigate several high stakes issues, the biggest being where to apply early decision.

The number of education decisions that parents have to make seems to have increased exponentially over the last decade.  Back… not too long ago… parents put their children into the educational system and pretty much let the kids be processed.  Strangely, most of the kids turned out fine.  They finished high school, went to a decent college, majored in something of interest and got a job post graduation.

This is no longer the case.  It seems the pitfalls lie at every turning point. Students who choose the college or the college major that is wrong for them wind up unemployed or underemployed, career adrift while suffering from anxiety and depression.  The latter are at epidemic levels.  Our mission is to help our parents avoid such outcomes.  Our work often involves educational counseling to figure out ideal decisions that parents need to make in relation to high stakes educational questions.