Adrift at mismatched colleges: Get help now to avoid a terrible life and financial college investment

By College Counseling

“Dominic just left his third college in five years.”

Dominic had graduated Guilford High School a while back and found himself at home after floundering.  I asked Linda, Dominic’s mother about Dominic’s initial college process.

“It wasn’t much.  We talked to our school’s counselor, looked on Naviance, and visited a couple of colleges.”   It was not much different than what we did with Dominic’s older siblings who were 7 and 10 years older.

As someone providing college counseling over the last decade and a half to Shoreline, CT students, I can say with certainty that the approach that Linda took – a fairly common one even 10 years ago – is now more akin to gambling.  The odds that children – particularly young men – will flourish at just any college has declined.

The reasons are a subject for another post. Suffice to say, the current batch of young adults heading to college is less likely to make the “best of it.”  FOMO (fear of missing out), endless social media comparisons, and the decreased stigma of transferring colleges/taking a break has led to a plethora of students who have a circuitous college path.

Many could avoid having such challenges if they simply spent the time/energy getting proper college guidance in a structured process.

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