Connecticut High School Students: The world is back to normal but many students are not

By General Education Advice

The Learning Consultants has always differentiated itself among educational service providers, particularly tutoring and test prep organizations, by viewing our student-clients in the full context of young people who we want to help make the most of their “human” potential, not just academic potential.

The epidemic of anxiety and depression among high school students is well known.  I noticed the growing amount of challenge as clients called about my first book – Motivate Your Son – through the 2010s.  In the earlier part of the decade, parent calls would usually lead with the usual worries about their teen boys focused more on video games than on school.  Those calls continue but the number of calls that lead with “my son has anxiety” or “he feels depressed” has increased.   When I work with such students, most are comforted that there is another adult who can assist them through school drudgery.  “Life goes on” as one of my clients from Lyme-Old Lyme High School said as he noted that he didn’t want his feeling blue to derail his possibilities at getting into a college of his choice.

Certainly, our work with teen girls in this area has similarly increased. We fortunately have Jean Card – the founder of Academic Therapy – who has been a life saver for countless students – male and female – through the years.  Jesse Brockwell – the best math tutor in Connecticut – has similarly been helpful with bolstering the spirits of our students (as well as their grades).

My work in helping clients figure out college and career issues has had another effect beyond the tangible.  “I feel hopeful.”  One of my students from Old Lyme told her mom.

Along with gratitude, hope is the best combatant against depression and anxiety.

We provide hope.

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