The Coming Crisis of Boys to Men… Is Here

By General Education Advice

I wrote Motivate Your Son in 2012.  Based on my Student Mastery (student training) and college counseling work, I noticed that girls were outperforming boys in school and far more invested in the college process than boys.  Research proved my anecdotal evidence correct.

My normally upbeat way of being did not prevent me from sounding the alarm that the boys to men transition was in grave danger for many.  I’ll spare the plethora of articles on the point but a quick Google search will reveal the depths of the crisis.   That girls are actually flourishing might surprise some due to outcries related to workplace discrimination.  Keep in mind that those challenges relate to women who are trying to ascend to higher levels in their careers and are battling with men in the 50s.  Girls are crushing boys in high school, college, and, in early parts of their career, young women are crushing young men.

As my summer filled up with college counseling clients, the pattern that I observed years ago has only emerged more strongly.  Most of my female students are engaged in writing their college essays and choosing their college list.  Most of my male clients are curiously detached – THIS IS YOUR LIFE – I feel like yelling 🙂

At some point, I seem to get through – many years of experience have given me a deep set of tools/trick/techniques to do so – and I am happy to help your boy in this regard as well.