College Counseling: College to the future of work

By College Counseling

Having worked with Connecticut high school students for the last 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the psychological and practical challenges faced by parents as they send their children off to college.  Having done so with three of my own (last one leaving next week), I fully understand the enormity of the process

For that reason, adding one more big element into the mix seems heartless. My apologies.  But it is necessary:

THE WORK WORLD IS RADICALLY CHANGING: HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE/CAREER should be one of the dominant ways of making the college investment.

To be clear, I am absolutely all for investing (spending!) on the college experience.  When I lead college counseling discussions, I start with all the experiential factors: location (both regional and the urban-rural continuum), the people, the social life, things to do and so forth.  For all its knocks, the American college experience remains the best transition to adulthood in the history of the world.  That’s not hyperbole.  Most people through history had no such transition, merely moving from their family farm to their own, or becoming a solider, or being married off to some guy from the next village.  Even today, the American college experience is the envy of the world.

But… the end result, in addition to personal transformation, also is career/financial independence.

In days past, heading off to college clueless about college majors/career paths was not particularly unusual or foolish.

In today’s world, starting the discussion (not finishing/not fully deciding) but simply starting the discussion in a rational way – and dare I say with an expert – is the wise way to approach college.

Years ago, I started Career Counseling Connecticut as a side passion business. It is now fully incorporated into The Learning Consultants. And, in my mind, our work should be part of your college planning.