The Motivational Difference: Why our test prep classes are superior

By SAT ACT Test Prep

I was in Pasta Vita in Old Saybrook and felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  It was the father of two SAT students from past SAT classes.  “My children still talk about you and the class.”  I knew he was not referring to my teachings of the intricacies of SAT test-taking strategies.

“Caitlin was having a hard time with a college statistics course but she remembered your math lecture during SAT class.”  In that lecture, I discuss how most kids liked math until age 10 or so when the math mindset shifts from solving puzzles to “doing problems the right way.”

“Matt was really down on himself because he did so poorly on the PSAT.  When you discussed the process for improvement, he shifted.”  In this lecture, I describe the process of what I call deep practice and how to learn.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate in that many old students will send me notes.  While they often thank me again for their improved SAT scores, most will usually repeat some advice II g

Our SAT-ACT Mastery seminar will not provide a franchise, cookie-cutter experience. Instead, it may provide some long lasting life lessons.