How to beat test-taking anxiety

By SAT ACT Test Prep
Most teens do not talk about their anxiety.  They don’t tell their peers for fear of appearing vulnerable.  They don’t tell their parents for fear of a lecture.  

During our SAT-ACT Mastery Seminars held in Madison and Old Saybrook – as well as in school at Old Saybrook High School, Valley Regional High School in Deep River, and Lyme-Old Lyme High School, Southeastern Connecticut Chinese School, and The Williams School in New London, we present a section on the psychology of performance.  We address test-taking anxiety and strategies to battle it. It may be the lecture that has students most attentive.

During our SAT classes over the past few years, some large part of our success has come from lowering the anxiety of our students.  In addition to providing techniques to helping master the test (thereby lowering anxiety due to mastery) and providing techniques to lower test-taking anxiety (directly addressing the issue), the process of exposure to the test does wonders to reduce the anxiety of the unknown.

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