The October PSAT: Prep now

By SAT ACT Test Prep

School has just started for most Connecticut high school students.  For juniors, this is the most pivotal year of their entire K-12 process. Many will focus on building their GPAs.  Many will focus on deepening their involvement in activities.  Many will start the college selection process and many will start preparing for the SATs.

The majority of students wait until winter to prepare for the SATs.  That is completely fine.  But much like any skill development for something important, the best time to start is NOW.

Why is the PSAT important?

1.) For 2-3%, the PSAT can lead to  National Merit Scholarship honors.  This is a significant honor and will look wonderful on your college application.  This honor, of course, is only bestowed on those with the highest test scores.

2.) For many, the high school guidance offices will see where your child ranks within the class.  Subconsciously or perhaps consciously, the guidance office – graded in part by where students go to college – will give additional attention to those high scorers.

3.) Psychologically, the PSAT creates a big impact on students.  I’ve written about this elsewhere.  It is a bigger issue than most parents realize.

4.) Comparative self-esteem.  It should not be so but it is…. students who do well talk about their scores and other students don’t feel good.

5.) It provides guidance on the type of college range the student should target.

Our next class starts soon.