The Post-Covid Boy Disaster… let’s ensure your boy is not part of the disaster

By General Education Advice

While I’m sure as a caring person who worries about all those who struggle, I also know that all parents worry most – and should – about their own children.

Nonetheless, if you care to do so, google “academic challenges for boys” or even scarier, “employment for young men” or perhaps scariest “men dropping out of the work force.”

When I wrote Motivate Your Son, I had mounds of anecdotal evidence illustrating the lack of motivation among teen boys and a grim prediction based on how I understand the world to be developing that many boys to men would fail to launch in unprecedented ways.  By the way, I am a huge optimist by nature!!!

But I am also a realistic one and I could see that hours… and hours…. and hours… of video game immersion was a symptom but not the cause of the disaster.  The cause was that many boys simply didn’t care about school.  They lacked motivation.  My work, thereafter, in this area has been to understand the unique mindset of most teen boys and help shift them so that they would care for their own reasons.  On this point, I can assure you that most parents do not provide reasons that are particularly compelling to the mind of the typical teen boy!

If you boy is getting ready for finals or starting the college search or preparing for the SATs, these are all areas where I can help but the big area where I can help – motivation – is the one that seems to have the greatest long term consequences.