Does your son need motivation for school?

By General Education Advice

If you have a son who needs greater motivation, you have found the right place to help him.

There are few resources designed for the unusual area of motivation.  Our expertise is relatively unique.  Therapists help teen boys with mental illness.  This is highly needed. Those with diagnosable depression and severe anxiety should get professional help.  But most teen boys who are not reaching their potential in school do not have a mental illness.   Instead, they don’t really see the point of working hard.  They have not formed a vision for themselves related to who they want to be, what they want to do, and where they want to head.  We help them in very practical ways to get them to care about school – really life – and shift our clients from grunting boys who do what they are told only to avoid nagging to young men eager to build their futures.  Contact Daryl Capuano directly to get help.