The SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar: Kick Off To College

By SAT ACT Test Prep

college-kickoff-logo-thumbOur mission to help your children reach their potential.  To me, this has always meant human potential. But certainly our focus in delivering educational services to Connecticut families is primarily academics. The tangible end goal – although by no means the real end goal – is college.

During our SAT-ACT classes in Old Saybrook and Madison, I lead with motivational lectures related to college. For many high school juniors, this is the start of the emotional realization that they will be moving away from home soon. I emphasize “emotional” because shifting people from inaction to action requires appeals at the heart level.  Intellectually, all high school juniors realize high school is ending and for most every student in Shoreline CT this means heading to college.

The focus of my motivational talks related to taking control of the process.  I emphasize that our work to bolster SAT-ACT scores is not about simply maximizing test scores to gain admission to highly ranked colleges but rather to help students have control of where they will next live. Most students haven’t thought about the issue in those terms. I see “heads nodding” and often get calls from parents after the first class that “I don’t know what you said to Johnny but now he seems interested in the college process.”