The SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar

By SAT ACT Test Prep
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We will be starting our spring test prep class soon in Old Saybrook and Madison.  Previously, The Learning Consultants held SAT full classes and then added ACT crash courses through the year. During the fall, we held an SAT-ACT Mastery Seminar at The Williams School in New London and then decided that we would do the same for our clients along Shoreline, CT. The results have been fantastic.  Many of our clients were confused not only about the new SAT but whether they should have their children take the ACT as well.  With the new class, our students will be ready for both tests (at the same cost of our prior course).

The move stemmed from changes to the SAT.  The new SAT moved in the direction of the ACT in format, strategy, and content.

Format: The old SAT had the following sections: 3 graded math, 3 graded reading, 2 graded grammar, and 1 essay. The sections were interspersed throughout the test such that students would have a randomized order (i.e. essay (always first) 1 reading, 1 math, 2 readings, 1 grammar, 2 math, 1 grammar). Now much like the ACT, the new SAT will always have 1 reading, 1 Writing-Language (grammar multiple choice) and math (divided into two sections) followed by an optional essay.

Strategy: The old SAT had a guessing penalty. The new SAT, much like the ACT, does not. There still is strategy related to investing time in questions but the strategies are now identical for both tests.

Content: The new SAT verbal section is now identical to the ACT reading and English sections. The new SAT has removed sentence completions.  Instead, there are 5 long reading passages in a row (the ACT has 4 but the general structure is the same).  The other part of the new SAT verbal section is identical to the ACT grammar section.

The math on the new SAT is different than the ACT and the ACT has a science section.  But otherwise, we have effectively combined our strategies to ensure that our students are fully prepared for both tests.

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