What is a “good” PSAT score?

By General Education Advice

PSAT-NMSQTPSAT scores are back for most every school in Shoreline, CT.  I have heard that Daniel Hand High School in Madison may have a delay in providing its PSAT scores but otherwise students from Guilford, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme and other Southeastern, CT high schools have sent me their PSAT results.

As always, the most common question: “is this a good PSAT score?”

There is an individual answer and there is a comparison answer.  The individual answer is really all that matters to you and your goals.

Individual answer: where will you apply to college? Do your PSAT scores line up with colleges of interest?  Certainly, many juniors aren’t quite sure where they are applying to college.  But you likely have some schools on your radar.  You also can look up UCONN as at least one school that probably should be considered.

Comparison answer: look at the percentages.  Your score will be in the X %. That’s the comparison.  The challenge, of course, is that the comparison is national and most students from top schools along the Connecticut coast are comparing themselves to their very smart friends. One of my students from our Old Saybrook SAT summer class sent me her PSAT results.  She scored in the 98%.  I don’t believe she was seeking a compliment when she asked with full sincerity: “is this a good score?” She wasn’t sure because her friends from East Lyme had similar scores.