Merit Aid: Test Score Correlation

By SAT ACT Test Prep


My natural people pleasing tendency coupled with my great worry of ever appearing self-serving has caused me to give flawed advice over the years. Budget conscious clients would contact me about what they should do for test prep. They knew me or of me so they trusted that I would give them honest advice. And, I did, I would suggest the least amount of test prep, whether it was an SAT class or individual tutoring, to help ensure their children could gain admission to colleges of their choice.

Sound advice, except I did not discuss merit aid. I erred on the side of avoiding the appearance of providing self-serving advice. The thought of my integrity being questioned was too important for me to also add: “but you should know that investing several hundred dollars now in test prep could lead to several tens of thousands of dollars in merit aid.”

I have a college bound high school senior. For his privacy, I rarely discuss him. But I now have personal evidence that test scores have a direct correlation to significant merit aid.  Certainly hundreds of clients had shared their good fortune with me previously.  But there is something about a personal experience that seems more real.

To all clients of college bound juniors who are contemplating the investment in our test prep course, do your own research but here are some links to help:

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