The PSAT Results Are Back, Now What?

By SAT ACT Test Prep

PSAT-NMSQTMost Connecticut High Schools have provided their PSAT results back to their students (Daniel Hand in Madison had a PSAT delay but I understand that the delay won’t be long.)  Parents understandably want to know what’s next after the PSAT results come back.

For students in public schools in Connecticut, most every high school will offer a paid-for SAT test in March.  Prepare your child vigorously for this test.  (Obvious bias but take our course as one option and ask your own trusted sources about its quality.)

From there, decide whether the ACT is worth considering. Even before the new SAT, the ACT was rapidly becoming a “hedge your bet” strategy for many high school students applying to competitive colleges.  The ACT has Connecticut test dates in February, April, and June.

Assume that your child will take the SAT again in May or June (and/or take a second ACT by the end of junior year).  Students do better the second time around.  There are all sorts of reasons but the most distinct is that they have experienced the “shock of the test” already so the second time is easier to handle.

Regardless, start preparing now.  Those who don’t regret so later and those that do are always delighted to have test scores in good order by the end of junior year.