College Counseling… for Connecticut students… from Connecticut’s suburbs…from Shoreline or Fairfield Connecticut

By College Counseling

College counseling is not one size fits all.  While it never was, post-pandemic and post demographic analysis, this fact is more true than ever.

Many articles suggesting “10 tips for college admission!” have 5 tips that are probably not relevant for your particular situation.

Our college counseling clients are predominately from Fairfield County and Connecticut’s shoreline suburban enclave – Branford -Guilford-Madison-Old Saybrook-Old Lyme-East Lyme-Waterford-Stonington.  This matters enormously.

I have a friendly acquaintance from college who started a college counseling business in Nebraska.  His advice for students applying to New England colleges includes the major plus factor of geographic diversity.  I have another friendly acquaintance who provides college counseling for a charter school in Newark, New Jersey.  Her advice includes the major plus factor of under represented minority diversity.  Neither of these factors are at play for most of our clients from the not particularly diverse, leafy suburbs of Connecticut.

There are other hot-button college admissions factors such as first generation to college that simply do not apply for most of our Connecticut college counseling clientele.

Be mindful when you read guidebooks and when you read articles on the Internet.  You are reading generic advice.

Your child needs specific college counseling advice.