College: The number 1 filter for employers

By College Counseling

 The wishful thinking nonsense of some leads to terrible counsel for others.  “It doesn’t matter where you go to college” must be one of the most ignorant statements spouted off by either well meaning adults who take singular examples, such as their own success, to set forth a general theory or bitter adults who dislike that they or their children are being judged by their college.
Let me clear: the talented usually find a way to reach success. I’m using talented very broadly to encompass both marketable skills and personal character.  We all can find someone who went to a low tier college and became a big success.  That does not prove that where he/she went to college didn’t matter.  The person might have found success faster or bigger had he/she attended Harvard.  Impossible to determine but reasonably easy to predict.
Due to our career counseling work, we have been working with hundreds of young adults attempting to gain career building jobs.   The research is clear and our anecdotal evidence is clear: where one goes to college does matter for employment.  Thinking otherwise does not comport with reality.