Connecticut Covid Summer: Help Your Children Build Themselves

By General Education Advice

There will be an education gap. But this gap will not be exclusively due to Covid creating three months of terrible schooling for most.  Instead, there will be a distinct gap between those children who developed themselves during Covid and those that did not.  And, of course, while parents cannot take all the credit or blame for their children’s education during this time, it is on us to ensure our children can make the most of this crisis.

The crisis has clear health and economic consequences that are so disastrous for some that commenting on education may seem trivial.  I get it. But I also doubt that those in the throes of tragedy will be reading an education blog.  If you are here, then good fortune has smiled on you.  You – and your children – have, thus far, been spared from the serious aspects of the crisis. Indeed, if you are like many that I know in Shoreline, CT, you may even have been pretty happy during this time.  Your children, particularly teen children, have been captive and thus have had to engage with family more.  With hope, you have relished your time together.

So, we have more time!  And, no online school and no camps and no activities and, for most, no jobs! I do not need to lend my expertise working with teens over the last 20 years to suggest that the mixture of teens with lots of free time does not lead to good results 🙂

More seriously, during my interaction with teens over the last few months, I have noticed a longing for purpose. I even suggested to many of my regular student-clients, “let’s take a break for a week or two.”  Normally, these requests were met with “sure”.  Now… not so much.  Most every student was looking to build themselves.

We can help your children make this a purposeful summer. Contact us to discuss.