High stakes decisions in life: Early Decision Is One of Them

By College Counseling

What are some of the biggest decisions that you have made in life?

By observation, most people think they have made many big decisions in life but then when pressed to answer they respond with big parts of their lives that were not really decisions so much as the natural unfolding of life.  Marriage and having children, the two most significant areas, were likely the end results of long process.  I suppose “when to ask someone to marry” and perhaps whether to say “yes” and when to have children were decisions but for many each seem to happen in the natural course of living life.  In other words, there are not analytical choices where most would sit down and figure out the best strategic decision.

But Early Decision – essentially choosing (hopefully!) where your child will have the big adult transition to adulthood does not just naturally happen.  You have to “figure it out”. And that causes stress.

I suppose our work in college counseling has been as public health benefit to our Shoreline, CT clientele as an educational one!

I do know that our college counseling clients always feel better after working with us to solve their high stakes educational decisions.

Happy to help.