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New Haven CT Tutoring and Test Prep

Wilbur Cross High School and Hillhouse High School

Wilbur Cross High School and Hillhouse High School

School Facts:
Wilbur Cross High School
– Located at: 181 Mitchell Drive, New Haven CT 06511
Hillhouse High School
– Located at: 480 Sherman Parkway, New Haven CT 06511

New Haven, CT Standardized Test Scores
– New Haven, CT CAPT Scores – CT State Average CAPT Scores
– Math: 209 – Math: 252
– Science: 211 – Science: 255
– Reading: 211 – Reading: 245
– Writing: 226 – Writing: 259

– New Haven, CT SAT Scores – CT State Average SAT Scores
– Math: 401 – Math: 508
– Verbal: 413 – Verbal: 508

– New Haven Middle School CMT Scores by Grade

– New Haven, CT 4th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 20 – Reading: 53
– Math: 34 – Math: 57
– Writing: 34 – Writing: 63
– New Haven, CT 6th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 26 – Reading: 60
– Math: 27 – Math: 61
– Writing: 33 – Writing: 61

– New Haven, CT 8th Grade CMT Scores – CT State Average CMT Scores
– Reading: 33 – Reading: 65
– Math: 22 – Math: 56
– Writing: 36 – Writing: 61

Wilbur Cross High School Mission Statement:
Wilbur Cross High School is a richly diverse community committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and social responsibility. With the help of family and the community, we strive to provide a safe environment that fosters respect for self and others. Through rigorous instruction based upon high standards and accountability, we challenge students to become lifelong learners and empowered citizens.

Building a Community of Learners
Wilbur Cross High School Expectations for Student Learning:
Academic Expectations
Wilbur Cross students will:
1. Communicate effectively through speaking and writing for a variety of purposes and audiences; read, understand, and respond to a variety of materials;
2. Use mathematical concepts and principles to analyze and organize data, to reason logically, to solve problems, and to draw accurate conclusions;
3. Acquire and evaluate information in order to interpret events, issues and/or ideas, to understand historical and social patterns, and to make informed judgments and responses;
4. Apply the principles and processes of the sciences to analyze phenomena, conduct inquiry-based investigation, and solve problems related to the natural/physical world;
5. Use technology and other information systems to obtain, organize, and present information, and to engage in discourse beyond the Wilbur Cross community;
6. Strengthen their education by studying the fine arts, the practical arts, healthy living, and world languages; develop plans and goals for the future and be prepared for college, other post-secondary education, the work force and/or the military.

Social Expectations
Wilbur Cross students will:
1. Develop teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, and demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively and independently;
2. Demonstrate the ability to make informed choices, and adopt behavior that positively affects learning, health, safety, and the well-being of self and others;
3. Develop an awareness of global issues, and understand, respect and appreciate the diversity of cultures and beliefs in our school, our community, and the world;
4. Identify and access support services in the school and community; display appropriate behavior in school and other settings, and show respect for self, peers, school and the community;
5. Develop integrity, responsibility, empathy, respect for differences, and sense of fairness.

Civic Expectations
Wilbur Cross students will:
1. Be capable of responsible decision-making and independent action;
2. Understand the democratic process, be aware of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society, and recognize the importance of participation in a democracy;
3. Voice support and dissent in appropriate forums, including advocacy for the rights and welfare of others;
Contribute in a positive way to the school and community via community service and/or involvement

Hillhouse High School Mission Statement:
It is the mission of James Hillhouse High School located in New Haven, Connecticut to graduate students prepared for success in a world of increasing diversity, technological change and global challenges. Our task as educators, community members, parents and students is to create an environment in which all students have the opportunity to reach their greatest academic potential and to facilitate their growth as responsible and respectful members of society.