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Online Distance Learning

Online Distance Learning is Daunting.  Here’s How We Can Help.


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The transition to learning online is difficult for our children. Thankfully, we can help.

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Distance “learning” works for a small slice of highly motivated, self-disciplined, organized, students who are eager to learn.  That is very small slice. Most every other student is engaged in “check the box” education.  They are getting through busy work – checking the box – and then immersed in video games, SnapChat, Netflix and every other online diversion. Your children deserve better.

The Learning Consultants currently retains over 50 top teachers on staff.  Our full team includes not only top-notch teachers but also lawyers, doctors, college professors, social workers, and engineers who have a passion for teaching.

Our teaching team includes those with expertise in SAT/ACT test prep, as well as test prep in all exams, math (all areas), English (including writing skill development), science (all areas), and language (Spanish and French).

We are working with our clients virtually during the lockdown.  Our clients have reported delight for many reasons:

  • They know that their children are getting a real education when they are meeting with a tutor
  • Their children feel more connected to school when interacting with a tutor
  • They are building skills for test prep and/or getting guidance for college during a time when they are not too busy
  • The parents feel that at least one outside educator is involved in their attempts at homeschooling.
  • The parents are getting a break from having to organize, teach, and ensure work completion of their children.


We highlight some of our areas of expertise below:

SAT/ACT prep and college counseling:  Nationally known education expert Daryl Capuano and company founder leads our test prep and college counseling efforts.  This is an opportune time to prepare for the tests and plan for college.

Math (all areas): Jesse Brockwell, known as the best math tutor in his region, has a cult-like following among his math students.  During the lockdown, students are discovering that they cannot self-teach math and parents are reminded how much they dislike math!  Most math teachers like math but do not like teaching. Jesse is a teaching prodigy and our clients battle to ensure a spot on his calendar.

English (writing): Dr. Kristina Knoblelsdorff, former college writing professor, experienced trainer of English teachers, and long-time head of writing for The Learning Consultants will help students with all their writing assignments.  Given the lockdown, writing assignments will be the dominant way students are evaluated.

Student Mastery: Jean Card, Director of Student Mastery, organizes, plans and ensures accountability for our students. This service has become particularly valuable during the lockdown.

Full biographies: https://www.tutoringandtestmastery.com/tutoring-team/

COVID-19 Announcement:

What is The Learning Consultants Group doing differently in response to school quarantines and closures?

How are you helping parents and students? Most of our students are keeping their similar tutoring schedule. We have added a different service within our Student Mastery Program.  Our Student Mastery coaches as well as some of our tutors spend 30 minutes each week with our students to organize, plan, and prioritize work. (See below) We also hold our students accountable for what works they should have done.  Parents have been delighted that we can help out in this way as we are saving them countless battles with their children. Our students have expressed gratitude that they have a real person teaching them as they feel highly disconnected from the educational process.  We are very happy that we can provide our parent and student clients help during this challenging time. All of our staff have updated their online platforms, such as Zoom and Skype. We are offering our regular tutoring sessions online. Student Mastery Session: We have created a new tutoring session to provide general support for students at home. These sessions will address the more general challenges of creating a system to manage all classes and schedules. These sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour during which time the tutor checks in with the student and reviews material, asking questions that prompt review and overall understanding.  Where there are multiple children in the home, our tutor can check in with each individually. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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We all need time to process the surreal impact of the Coronavirus.   After we grapple with reconfiguring our daily lives, we will then be faced with the notion that “life goes on.”  Parents will need to earn money and children will need to learn. Most children will rejoice for as long as school is out! – but, soon enough, some/many will feel adrift.  There is something about being unproductive that affects most everyone, including those seemingly uninterested teens. More to the point, college admissions will presumably be on a normal cycle in the fall.  SATs (ACTs/SAT IIs, APs etc.) will be rescheduled.  And, as we have addressed elsewhere, students will – at some point – be expected to have mastered the material that they normally would be learning in school over the next two months. We are a service organization with the mission to help young people reach their potential.  Contact us if we can provide service to you and your children at any time, but particularly during this challenging time